Mindfully grown vegetables and herbs.

Fairydiddle Farm is a small, sustainable, one-woman market garden in the Shenandoah Valley. On this little plot of land I currently call home, I grow vegetables and herbs with the earth and our bodies in mind, choosing heirloom varieties whenever possible and never using harmful chemicals.

I also try to avoid producing waste in the process of growing and selling fresh, healthy produce. All of my vegetables, herbs, and other products are presented with minimal packaging. Where it is required, I opt for reusable or biodegradable packaging. I also sell cotton produce bags that I sew from gifted, repurposed, and thrift-store fabric, and they are available at a steep discount with the purchase of produce.

What is a fairydiddle? In West Virginia, the term has both multiple spellings and multiple meanings, though it most often refers to red squirrels. My grandmother, however, always called chipmunks fairydiddles, and my mom and I seem to have inherited this whimsical word. In fact, I often find that the word fairydiddle comes to mind before chipmunk.

Working in Garden
Peas and radishes


Fairydiddle Farm was started with the goal of growing fresh, healthy vegetables for the community. Most of the vegetables grown here are heirloom varieties, each with their own colorful history, and all are raised without the use of harmful chemicals.

Lemon thyme


In addition to fresh herbs, herbal products such as dried herbs and herbal salt will soon be available as well. All herbs are grown naturally, just like the vegetables.

Handle cover and dish cloths


I also offer practical knitted and crocheted items made right here on the farm. These include 100% cotton washcloths and skillet handle covers, as well as unique gifts. I use recycled or organic yarn whenever possible.

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