Every year, the bush beans transform from tidy rows of seedlings into a tangled mass of lush foliage until finally, just as they seem to consider taking over the pathways, tiny pink blossoms appear. Soon, slender pods will grow and weigh down the plants, and my mornings will be consumed with picking.

Many gardeners quit growing beans due to the tediousness of harvesting them. But I have an unaccountable fondness for bush beans, and I’m learning to see picking beans as a practice in patience and meditation and gratitude for the abundance we are gifted with. So when I glimpse those first little flowers, I feel nothing but joy.

The tomatoes, too, are sending out their first blossoms – tiny, yellow, starry things appearing in clusters – even though many of the plants have yet to reach even half of their full height. I already find myself struggling to keep up with the pruning and trellising, though, they’re growing so fast! The cherry tomatoes seem especially determined to grow into wild, dense bushes.

In the heat this week, the radishes have begun to bolt, so this Saturday may be the last chance to get some at least until fall. The lettuce will likely do the same soon. The peas, however, show no sign of slowing, but continue to grow taller and put out new white blossoms.

So come on out to the Broadway Community Market on Saturday for spring veggies and many other items! We’re experimenting with extended hours this week, remaining open from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. to give you an extra hour of shopping time. I’m looking forward to checking out the new dessert trailer!