Thank you to everyone who came to the Autumn Festival and Fall Season Kickoff last Saturday! We had a great turnout and, for the most part, great weather. My youngest customer of the day bought herself a half-pint of cucamelons and walked away eating them straight out of the bag like popcorn (an excellent idea, if you ask me). And one of my oldest shoppers recognized my farm name because she, too, calls chipmunks “fairydiddles.”

If you would like to try some cucamelons, come early tomorrow, because they tend to sell out! I will also have plenty of okra, some tomatoes and jalapenos, dilly beans, and lots of handmade items.

Note that the Broadway Community Market has new hours for the fall season: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

I’ve had many people ask how cucamelons grow. Yes, these bite-sized cucumbers do grow just like other cucumbers, though the vines can reach ten feet long and the leaves, like the fruits, are a bit smaller. I underestimated these plants and didn’t provide enough of a trellis, so they’ve taken over the fence as well and are now threatening the jalapenos and sunflower on either side.

Looking forward, I hope to have some butternut squash and sweet potatoes for you in October. I’ve been keeping an eye on the squash, many of which have reached an impressive size! The biggest ones have started turning from glossy dark-green to a dull, pale green, signaling that they will begin ripening to a brilliant orange soon.

See you at the market!