Inexplicably, one of my favorite crops is bush beans, and the variety I am most excited about this year finally began ripening this week: dragon tongue bush beans! This unique Dutch heirloom produces flat yellow pods with fun purple streaks. And when I began picking them for the first time yesterday, I discovered that they do, in fact, give the impression of a dragon tongue with their fantastical coloring and slightly wavy shape. Since they only just began producing, I won’t have any to sell this week, but maybe next week.

I’ve been overrun with green beans and zucchini lately, though the latter has slowed down significantly in the past few days, and tomatoes have started ripening! Supper at my house often takes on the theme of How many dishes can I hide (or feature!) zucchini in? One evening this week we had zucchini pie topped with fresh tomato slices and served with blueberry zucchini muffins. And one of our favorite ways to eat green beans is sautéed with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and Thai sweet chili sauce, sometimes with cubed tofu mixed in.

Offerings at the farmer’s market tomorrow afternoon will include lots of green beans, some zucchini, tomatoes, and possibly fresh herbs. I might even have some garlic!

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