Spring is barreling toward summer in our area, with 80-degree days and thunderstorms this week. With such unseasonably warm weather, the spinach has already begun bolting. Thankfully, spinach doesn’t get bitter quite as fast as lettuce does, so I should still be able to harvest it for a few more days yet.

Other plants in the garden have thrived in the recent warm, wet weather: the first plantings of zucchini and bush beans sprouted and are growing happily! The peas are also plumping up, and I plan on harvesting a fresh batch in the morning to sell at the farmer’s market tomorrow afternoon alongside spinach and some beautiful, enormous heads of lettuce. Radishes are almost ready too.

Speaking of the farmer’s market, we are hosting a plant swap tomorrow! To participate, please bring healthy, clearly labeled plants as well as gently used hand tools, planters, and gardening books. A table will be provided for participants to place items on, and you are welcome to take what you want from the table, keeping the amount roughly equal to what you brought.

Remember that nest of eggs I found along the garden fence last week? They hatched! Mama bird doesn’t seem to appreciate some of my activity in and around the garden, but I try to give the nest and its occupants as much space as possible. I couldn’t resist taking a peek this morning, though, and discovered three tiny, hungry beaks gaping up at me.

A lot is happening in the garden right now, but I think that’s everything! Remember to order your Fairydiddle Forage Baskets before next Wednesday (the first pickup day!), and have a great Memorial Day weekend.