The kale is growing beautifully this spring! I will likely have lots of it at the market on Saturday. “But,” you say, “kale is chewy and bitter and gross!” Honestly, sometimes it is. However, the trick to kale is choosing the right variety and knowing how to prepare it.

First, the variety: I grow Red Russian Kale and White Russian Kale,* which have a mild, nutty flavor and tender texture. Many people have said that it’s the best kale they’ve ever tasted, and some of them don’t usually care for kale.

And now the cooking inspiration. When I have an abundance of a certain vegetable, I often put it in everything. And the beauty of kale is that it’s super versatile! I’m really looking forward to making¬†creamy quinoa again. This recipe is so delicious, even kale-haters might love it. Seriously. It’s amazing. I also put finely chopped kale in stir-fry, egg salad, chicken quinoa salad, quiche/frittatas/omelets, kale salad, and burritos. Yep, everything.

If kale really isn’t your thing, I might have the first couple bunches of radishes this Saturday too! There will also be potted aloe plants (Mother’s Day is Sunday!) and 100% cotton crocheted items: dish cloths, fish scrubbies, skillet handle covers, and fish bowl stuff-and-spill toys.

Finally, if I can get it all bottled and labeled in time, I’ll have a fresh batch of garlic salt ready for you. It’s made with my own garlic that I grow, dry, and grind myself. And it’s delicious on just about everything (mmm, garlic).

See you at the market!

*I know that Russia is a sensitive topic right now. While these heirloom varieties originated in Russia, I purchased the seeds from a Virginia-based company. I like to shop locally as much as possible.