Snow has blanketed the ground for weeks – sometimes in patches, sometimes completely – which doesn’t often happen in our little corner of the world. In the past few years, we’ve only received one or two decent snowfalls each winter, and I’m grateful for the change. This dormant season feels cozier, more magical, with snow on the ground and a steaming mug in hand.

But spring is coming.

About two weeks ago, my husband and bunnies looked on curiously while I spread seed catalogs, notebooks, calendars, seed packets, and charts all over the living room floor. I spent the better part of a Saturday happily piecing together a garden plan in the midst of this cheerful mess. And that week I ordered seeds. The first order arrived yesterday, thankfully containing the green onion seeds I need to start next week already. I have a new grow light setup complete with proper shelving and adjustable lights that I’m eager to try out.

I’m experimenting with quite a few new crops this year in addition to the reliable standbys, including Chinese pink celery, red currant tomatoes, lima beans, sweetcorn, okra, and cucamelons. Although new to me, all of these are heirloom varieties that have been around for decades, if not centuries. It’s hard to believe they will all fit in my little garden without displacing anyone else, but I’ve mapped it out, and everyone should fit just fine! Working with beds rather than rows allows a gardener to fit more into a smaller amount of space, as does intercropping. For example, while I’m not practicing the Three Sisters method this year (corn, squash, and beans together), I am planting corn and winter squash together in the same bed.

Dish cloth, Swiffer cover, and scrubby. The latter two can now be found at Great.Full Goods in downtown Harrisonburg!

I’ve also been knitting and crocheting almost every evening during these colder months, and I’m pleased to announce that you can now purchase Fairydiddle Farm crocheted items at Great.Full Goods in downtown Harrisonburg! This wonderful little shop in Agora Market sells natural, zero-waste items sourced from small businesses. I like to buy my laundry detergent, dish soap, and even toothpaste tabs in bulk there. And now you can find hand-crocheted scrubbies and Swiffer covers there, lovingly made by yours truly.

I like to use the scrubbies as a sponge alternative when washing dishes. Instead of tossing it in the trash when it gets gross, you toss it in the wash! Similarly, the Swiffer covers replace the disposable cloths for your dry mop, and they pick up pet hair beautifully. Both items are made with 100% cotton, which can be machine washed and dried. I recommend forgoing the dryer, though, and hanging items to dry to reduce electricity use. Fun fact: I’ve started buying recycled cotton yarn from Rocktown Yarn, located two shops down from Great.Full Goods in Agora Market, making these items super local.

Next time you’re in town, take the time to wander through Agora Market. It’s a fun place.

Stay cozy!

2 thoughts on “Midwinter Update

  1. Freida Townsend says:

    Serena, Your whole update report was fascinating and so well written. Amazing that you are already ordering and receiving seeds for this coming seasoning. Planning a “patchwork” garden is a mind picture! Your use of cotton yarn for usable and attractive items that have purpose tops it all.

    • Thank you! “Patchwork” is a great word for it. The seeds have all arrived now, and I’ll start planting them (indoors) later this week! And this afternoon, I’ll be soaking in the sunshine while I start prepping the garden already.

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