The past couple weeks have seen a flurry of planting. Each morning I head outside, garden knife in hand, and dig little holes, tuck in little plants. They look sad in their tiny plastic cells, but somehow once they find themselves in the garden, they suddenly appear stronger, greener. And yet still so frail; just a few too many slug nibbles can devastate a plant.

Planting is an exercise in faith. I put a tiny green plant in the ground, or a miniscule seed, and trust that it will grow. I water, weed, prune, trellis, and watch for new shoots of growth, wait for flowers, hope for an abundance of fruit.

I am almost done with summer planting – just the paste tomatoes and second patch of beans to go. In the past two weeks, I’ve transplanted and sown cherry and slicing tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers and cucamelons, zucchini and yellow squash, beans, basil, winter squash, and sweet potatoes. Mornings are the best part of my day. Sweaty, dirty, and full of purpose and hope.

Speaking of mornings, you can help make my Saturday mornings awesome too! Come out to the Broadway Community Market this Saturday between 8am and noon to help support this little farm as well as the many other local business set up there. I hear we’ve got a new vendor this week with specialty sandwiches and lattes!

At my booth you’ll find lots of leafy greens (kale and head lettuce!), radishes, possibly the first of the sugar snap peas, garlic salt, aloe plants, and 100% cotton crocheted items.

See you at the market!