I won’t normally post two updates in one week, but so many exciting things are happening right now! As previously mentioned, I will be back at the New Market Farmer’s Market tomorrow afternoon with herb starts, notecards featuring Paul’s (my husband) photography, and hand-knitted/crocheted items.

And, surprise! I’ll also have some veggies and local eggs! Come by to get the first of the lettuce and spinach tomorrow, as well as some fresh herbs. The spinach has suffered a bit of insect and hail damage, but despite a few holes, it’s still very tasty and nutritious, just not quite as pretty. In addition, the peas are finally blooming in earnest, so you should be seeing some fresh sugar snap peas at the market in a few weeks.

Enjoy the sunshine today, and I hope to see you at the New Market Farmer’s Market tomorrow afternoon!

P.S. Don’t forget to order your Fairydiddle Forage Baskets!