My refrigerator is full of spring: kale and radishes from the garden, asparagus from a generous neighbor, strawberries and rhubarb from a local farm stand. The garden, too, reflects this life-filled season, with the peas growing faster than I can add twine to their trellis, and the first delicate, white pea blossoms opening. Around these bushy vines grow the kale and radishes, as well as green onions and lettuce. Other beds contain tiny celery and chard plants and carrot and zucchini seeds yet to germinate. In the coming days, beans will be sown, with the other summer veggies following soon after.

Tomorrow I will be at the market with the first of the radishes and bunches of tender kale. The radishes are a variety called Cherry Belle, named not only for their appearance but for their sweetness – they remain crisp and sweet even when they get a little big.

The kale, Red Russian, has slightly curled edges and lovely purple stems. I discovered a delicious kale recipe this week that even the kale-averse will appreciate. With a similar texture and flavor to risotto, Creamy Kale Quinoa genuinely feels like comfort food, and it’s surprisingly easy to make. The original recipe is vegan, but I used dairy ingredients. I also subbed Fairydiddle Farm garlic salt for the garlic powder and salt and served the dish alongside roasted fingerling sweet potatoes – harvested from the garden last fall and still good!

In addition to fresh spring veggies, you can also find garlic salt and knitted and crocheted items at my table tomorrow morning, as well as other great last-minute Mother’s Day gifts from other vendors. We’ll have a performance by the Valley Glitterettes at 9 a.m., live music at 11 a.m., and a burger stand all morning (they have breakfast sandwiches too!).

See you at the market!

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