A strong March wind continues to blow on this first day of April, sending branches into the driveway and making the daffodils dance. Spring marks a time of renewal, of new life, and you may notice some new changes on this website too. Feel free to take a look around!

While many of the changes are cosmetic, a few important details have been updated as well. First, I am tentatively planning to set up at the Broadway Community Market this year. This farmers market on Main Street in Broadway is open every Saturday from 8 a.m. until noon, starting May 21. Given the current scale of Fairydiddle Farm, this means I will not, unfortunately, be selling at New Market Farmer’s Market as in the past.

Also, in the coming months I will be launching an online store, so you can order seasonal vegetables, herbs, and other products from Fairydiddle Farm to pick up at a designated location in Broadway midweek. Rain or shine, you can place your order from home and pick up your veggies in town!

To make sure you receive updates about the community market and online ordering, subscribe to Fairydiddle Farm updates in the sidebar to the right (you may have to scroll up – or down, if you’re on a phone).

In other news, the sugar snap peas sprouted this week, and I have lots of happy little seedlings under grow lights indoors. Next week I’ll begin planting green onions, lettuce, and carrots in the garden to join the peas!