I’m harvesting a tubful of beans each week, so come out to the Broadway Community Market tomorrow morning to pick up a quart or two. They’re delicious sautéed and mixed with a bit of ginger, soy sauce, and sweet chili sauce or simply steamed with a little butter and salt (make that garlic salt!).

The first few zucchini ripened this week as well, and I pulled up another couple bunches of sweet, crisp carrots. And of course, the Perpetual Spinach chard is still going strong. It’s a great summer green.

While we don’t have any ripe tomatoes yet, the vines are heavy with green fruit that will hopefully start blushing any day now. The okra, too, shows promise, with its creamy white blooms opening up and the first little pod forming. Unfortunately, the cucumbers and peppers got off to a slow start this year, but both are finally starting to bloom.

Everything, of course, depends on me keeping the resident groundhog out. Every time I go out to the garden, it has dug another hole under the fence and nibbled more leaves off the beans and sweet potato vines. But I seem to have foiled it last night, so fingers crossed it doesn’t find another way in.

See you at the market!