As promised, I will have green beans at the New Market Farmer’s Market tomorrow afternoon! They’re crisp, stringless, and perfect for steaming, sautéing, freezing and canning. I’ll also have more of the beautiful grey zucchini as well as the last green onions.

In addition to picking beans, I harvested and hung the last of the garlic this week. Root vegetables are always fun, because you’re never quite sure what you’ll get until you dig it out of the ground – I always compare digging sweet potatoes to a treasure hunt, and harvesting garlic felt like unwrapping gifts. I’ll have garlic at the market in a few weeks, after it has had time to cure.

The tomatoes are beginning to plump, though they have a ways to go before they begin ripening. We’ll have to wait until the end of the month or so for those juicy tomato sandwiches, but it will be worth it! The sweet snack peppers, on the other hand, look ready to turn any day now.

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