The holiday season is upon us! Kick it off right by shopping local and supporting your community as you prepare for feasting and gifting. The Broadway Community Market is hosting a special Thanksgiving and Holiday Market tomorrow (Nov. 22) from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., and we would love to see you there!

So many vendors will be setting up to bring you ingredients and premade food for your Thanksgiving feast. Jillian will be making her famous grilled pimiento cheese sandwiches, and the Sweet Spot dessert truck will have funnel cakes, so you can have lunch while you shop, too. We’ll also have lots of handmade gifts available so you can get started on your holiday shopping. Buy local tomorrow and skip the Black Friday chaos later.

I have been busy crocheting for this special market. Mini stockings were a hit last year, so I’ve crocheted a big pile of them! In addition to the solid red and green stockings, I also made some striped ones. They’re the perfect size for little gifts like gift cards, lip balm, or candy, or even a bit of greenery to decorate with.

I also have cup cozies that fit mugs as well as to-go cups, dish cloths, scrubbies (great for dishes or in the bath), skillet handle covers, market bags, and adorable fish bowl stuff-and-spill toys. The garden is long since done producing, but I still have garlic for your cooking needs as well.

Speaking of the garden, the cover crops are growing beautifully in the new space, and I’ve planted two types of garlic for next year: Polish White, which I’ve been growing for several seasons, and Chesnok Red, an heirloom variety from the Republic of Georgia that I’ve been eager to try. The new herb garden has also been planted, with rosemary, lavender, oregano, lemon balm, and thyme. It’s been a rough year with the drought and moving and everything else, but I’m hopeful for next year and looking forward to seeing how this new garden grows.

See you at the market!