***There will be no New Market Farmer’s Market tomorrow afternoon.***

The tomato vines are producing increasing amounts of fruit every day, and as often happens around this time of year, I am running out of space to store these beautiful tomatoes! The bright red Abraham Lincolns have a wonderful tomato flavor, the Hungarian hearts are big, beefy sauce tomatoes, the unique green zebras offer a fun color combo as well as lemony flavor, and the enormous Aunt Glees are perfect for sandwiches with their bread-sized slices and meaty texture.

As the tomatoes take off, the bush beans seem to be winding down. Stress from deer and bean beetles combined with the fact that it’s getting late in the season are resulting in tired-looking plants and lower bean yields. The dragon tongue beans are still doing decently, though, and the pole beans have begun flowering, so I should still have some beans to offer in the coming weeks.

In the kitchen this week, I canned a batch of dilly beans (pickled green beans), which it turns out the dragon tongue variety is great for. I also made homemade pizza, as essential as tomato sandwiches this time of year, with whole wheat zucchini crust topped with fresh basil, minced garlic, tomato slices, red onion, mozzarella, and parmesan.

Want to make some of these yourself? Although the market is closed tomorrow, you can still contact me via email or Facebook Messenger for on-farm pickup or in-town delivery. I have a limited amount of beans (green and dragon tongue) and zucchini as well as plenty of tomatoes, garlic, basil (mmm, pesto!), and rosemary.