My favorite month has drawn to a close, but as we plunge deeper into summer, the garden really comes to life. I can hardly believe it, but the corn is already taller than I am and decorated with purplish tassels. And although I’ve been watching the beans closely, I was still shocked to discover beans plump enough to pick today!

So, surprise! I’ll have green beans at the Broadway Community Market tomorrow – just a few, as the first harvest is always small. But there will be plenty more in the coming weeks. I also picked the last of the sugar snap peas this morning, so in a rare overlap, there will be both spring peas and summer beans on my table tomorrow morning.

I still have plenty of garlic salt, as well as the last couple bottles of fire salt and one lonely hot salt. In addition to my usual handmade items, I also plan to set up notecards featuring my husband’s beautiful nature photography.

Looking ahead, you can expect the first of the yellow summer squash next week and more beans. The squash plants are full of bright yellow blossoms and the buzzing of happy pollinators, and I spotted one baby zucchini too. We still have a couple weeks until tomatoes, though. And in the photo at the top of this post (a different perspective on the garden than usual!), you can also see lima bean plants getting ready to flower in the foreground and a tidy row of young okra plants. There is so much to look forward to in the garden.

See you at the market!