The weather looks great for Friday, and after a two-week hiatus, I’m excited to see everyone at the New Market Farmer’s Market this week! I plan to have lettuce, green onions, and radishes along with the usual handmade items.

I’ve been clearing out spent spinach and pea plants this week to make room for pole beans and fall crops like butternut squash. A few last-minute sweet peppers also got tucked in next to the jalapenos, and the last of the bush beans are finally in the ground. In addition to green beans (a variety called Contender), I’m trying out a fun speckled heirloom variety with the unique name Dragon Tongue.

If you follow Fairydiddle Farm on Facebook, you may have seen that I also picked an abundance of sour cherries from a generous neighbor’s trees this past weekend. Do you have a favorite treat made from sour cherries? Leave a comment below to let me know what it is, and you just might see it at the market soon!