On Sunday we celebrated not only Father’s Day but also the beginning of summer, and I am so, so happy to be entering this wonderful, warm season. The garden continues to evolve as well. I finished pulling out the dried-up pea plants this week, and the lettuce has turned bitter and begun bolting in the heat. As predicted, though, the green onions are still going strong, and a few radishes remain to be harvested.

The zucchini patch is a sight to behold, with a waist-high jungle of foliage sheltering growing fruits that you should be seeing at market in another week or two. The spindly pepper plants just across the path pale in comparison, but they, too, hold ripening fruits. Although the tomatoes got off to a late start, they also show promise, and the wild, tangled bush beans are covered in tiny pink blossoms.

Warm, sunny weather is forecasted for tomorrow, perfect for the New Market Farmer’s Market! And since it’s the last Friday of the month, there will also be a plant swap at the market. Everyone is welcome to bring healthy plants and gently used gardening tools, gardening books, and planters (no plastic nursery pots, please!) to leave on the plant swap table in exchange for an equal number of items. It should be a fun time!