The future looks abundant in the garden, with zucchini in full bloom, tomatoes putting on cheery little flowers, and rosy bean blossoms giving way to tiny baby beans. I brushed soil away from the base of one of the carrot plants to find rounded orange shoulders – still small yet, but getting there. And the celery is finally beginning to look like celery!

Most of the plants are a bit behind due to the unusually dry spring, so it’s especially gratifying to see some of the summer crops beginning to produce now that we’ve been getting some rain.

Tomorrow morning should be mostly dry for the Broadway Community Market, though. Come on out to buy some greens and see what all of the other vendors have to offer this week! At the Fairydiddle Farm table you’ll find:

  • kale
  • perpetual spinach (chard)
  • garlic salt
  • plants
  • dish cloths
  • skillet handle covers
  • market bags

See you at the market!