After the driest spring in my memory, summer is off to a gloriously rainy beginning. Everything in the garden that was growing slowly now looks lush, and the beans and tomatoes have even begun to bloom! Next week, I think I’ll be scrambling to trellis tomatoes and pull all of the weeds that have suddenly sprung up with all the moisture.

The peas and radishes seem to know that the solstice just occurred. The pea vines are yellowing and the radishes bolting, and I have just a few of each for the market tomorrow. So if you want some of the last sugar snap peas and radishes of spring, come early – they might go fast!

You can also find kale and perpetual spinach (chard) at my table tomorrow, but no lettuce. Somebunny keeps squeezing under the fence and, despite my efforts to block all of the holes, has managed to devour all of my ripe lettuce heads. Oh well. With all of this rain, summer veggies should be ripening soon!

Lush carrot growth

See you at the market!