It feels like we’ve only just begun, yet here we are at the last market of the season. Come out tomorrow to visit your favorite vendors at the Broadway Community Market one last time, and stock up for winter! We’ll have sustainably grown produce, pasture-raised meat and eggs, crafts, prepared food, made-to-order food, and more.

I will have the very last of my garden’s tomatoes, possibly some jalapenos, and handmade items and notecards. If you haven’t seen them, my knitted and crocheted items include a pumpkin basket, Harry Potter scarf bookmarks, dish cloths, skillet handle covers, leaf coasters, and fishbowl stuff-and-spill toys.

Want a knitted or crocheted item that’s not on my table tomorrow? Let me know, and I might be able to work it up special for you! I’ve made baby bonnets, bibs, dish/face scrubbies, Swiffer covers, hats, reversible octopus toys, cup cozies, and more. Please be aware that projects tend to take about two weeks, depending on the size and intricacy and my time availability.

See you at the market!