We have reached the point in the season when the bean plants succumb to the overwhelming assault of bean beetles. The poor plants look skeletal, though some of them are still making a feeble attempt at seed production.

But fewer beans to pick means I have more time for wrangling the tomatoes, which have been left to grow unchecked for too long, tangling with each other and consorting with the equally unruly butternut vines. I also pulled up most of the summer squash plants this week, which had become tired and wilted. A second planting may provide us with another wave of yellow squash in a week or two, though.

Tired bean plants
Baby butternut

Despite all of the waning crops, the garden is still blessing us with abundance. The now mostly contained tomato vines hang heavy with ripening fruit, the okra plants give more pods every week, and the jalapeno plants drip with deep green peppers. The cucamelon vines, too, have taken over part of the garden fence and threaten to invade the yard, and I pick a good handful of the crunchy little cucumbers every other day (I need to plant more next year!).

On my table at the Broadway Community Market tomorrow:

  • tomatoes (slicing, paste, and cherry)
  • beans (last ones!)
  • jalapenos (first ones!)
  • okra (lots)
  • cucamelons (a few)
  • garlic
  • dilly beans
  • garlic salt
  • dish cloths
  • skillet handle covers
  • Swiffer covers
  • fishbowl baby toy
  • notecards

It looks like we should have some nice weather again tomorrow, with only a slight chance of a stray shower.

See you at the market!