There are many things to love about summer, but from the time I start seeds in late winter, I’m looking forward to that moment when I sink my teeth into a tomato sandwich. Mine involves homemade bread, sharp cheddar, real mayo, and layered slices of juicy red tomato, preferably enjoyed on the porch swing (pictured above with cucamelons, dilly beans, and mint tea). I can eat that for lunch every day and not get tired of it.

The tomato varieties I grow vary a bit from year to year, as I figure out what grows best in my garden. This summer, I have four varieties growing: Amish paste, druzba, green zebra, and red currant.

Amish paste – druzba – green zebra – red currant

Amish paste. Coreless, flavorful, and fleshy with few seeds, these heirlooms make excellent sauce. They can also get quite large, which I find makes processing go faster (fewer tomatoes to peel!).

Druzba. This slicing tomato is new to me, and I chose it for its resistance to cracking, end rot, and disease. An heirloom from Bulgaria, it produces beautiful, round fruits with a wonderful, fruity flavor perfect for sandwiches.

Green zebra. Although I almost always choose heirlooms, I can’t resist planting a few green zebras every year. These green-striped yellow tomatoes reveal a startlingly bright green interior when sliced and have a bright, almost lemony flavor.

Red currant. A wild cherry tomato from South America, this heirloom produces tiny but intensely flavored fruits with thick skin and a sweet, berry-like burst. Perfect for snacking or salads.

In addition to all four of these tomato varieties, you can find the following on my table at the Broadway Community Market tomorrow morning:

  • okra
  • beans
  • lima beans
  • cucamelons (bite-sized cucumbers)
  • garlic
  • dilly beans
  • garlic salt
  • handmade items

See you at the market!